15 March 2012

Esparto 2012 | Technical Fest

Esparto 2012 | Technical Fest

Organised by: HITAM, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Key dates:

Fest dates: 19th-21st March 2012
Last date: 18th March 2012


As part of our Endeavour to disseminate the Technical Education, our Institution is hosting a National level Technical fest, “ESPARTO 2k12" on 21st March 2012. This event is open for Under-graduate students across various institutions and aims to provide them an opportunity to explore and display their technical skills. ESPARTO 2K12 technical festival, celebrates this silent power that resides in every individual. The power that resides in you, the power to belong, the power to break free, to forge, to overcome and to make a difference. It is an exposition of technical knowhow by emerging technocrats of various prestigious engineering colleges across the country including IITs and Universities.

The mega event of ESPARTO is conducted in the campus annually so as to provide students with a! bigger stage and larger view to outshine their talent and explore & utilize much of it. ESPARTO 2k12 invites participation from all the colleges around, attracting the best of technical talent against each other. Our aim is to challenge the participants and create a competitive environment in which participants can exercise their competitive urges to the maximum. It will be a mix of facts and fundamentals where you can compete enthusiastically. It is an effort to portray the awesome depths of engineering to the world. Let’s have an Edge of performance and prove what you are...!!!


Paper presentation
Poster Presentation
Project expo
Code debugging
Circuit Debugging
Video documentary
Robotic Events
Short Film Mania
Biz Quiz
Tech Quiz
Lan gaming
Treasure Hunt
Art beat
&many more spot events..

WORKSHOPS(on 19th and 20th March):
Workshop on "SURFACE COMPUTING" (For the First time in Hyderabad)MATLAB SIMULATION:
Certification by RCSA CANADA with signatures of IIT Alumni
Workshop on "ANDROID":
Certification by RCSA CANADA with signatures of IIT Alumni

For any queries feel free to Contact Us:

Srinath Reddy-9966757578
Phani Kumar-9160049332
Rama Raju-7207402442
Bhargav Chavali-9989612690



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