24 June 2014

Lecturer in English at Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University

Lecturer in English

Manchester Metropolitan University - English/HLSS

Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the UK's largest and most popular Universities. We are the University for World Class Professionals.
MMU is an ambitious University which aims to be in the top 50 by 2020 for both teaching and research. The Department of English is well placed to help it achieve these targets. We were one of the strongest performing new university English research groups in RAE 2008, external and internal surveys consistently evidence the strength of both teaching and student support in the department and our undergraduate good honours rates are amongst the best in the sector.
The Department of English at MMU fosters a rich and diverse research culture in both critical scholarship and creative writing. It hosts a large undergraduate single honours English programme, and smaller joint honours programmes in English and American Literature, English and Creative Writing and English and Film, all of which have recruited strongly for 2014. The Department is home to the Manchester Writing School, whose Creative Director is the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, and runs a highly successful MA in Creative Writing as well as ambitious outward-facing events and projects. The MA English Studies features pathways in Contemporary Literature and Film and the Gothic. There is a thriving collaborative and interdisciplinary research culture at MMU and we envisage strong research and curriculum development in the near future in trauma studies and medical humanities, cultural geography and landscape writing, and interdisciplinary creative arts.
The successful candidate will be an outstanding teacher and researcher in any branch of English or Creative Writing which will enhance our curriculum and our REF 2020 submission, and will demonstrate the potential for successful academic leadership in learning and teaching, the student experience and programme development.
For an informal discussion regarding the requirements of the role please contact Huw Jones (
For more information and to apply online, visit If you do not have access to the internet, or require an application in an alternative format, please contact Human Resources on 0161 247 3502 quoting the reference number.
Manchester Metropolitan University is committed to creating a diverse environment where everybody is treated with dignity, fairness and respect. We welcome applications from all potential candidates.

23 June 2014



 AMERICAN                            BRITISH
 a little bit                                 a spot (sl.)
 abrigment                                abrigement
 acknowledgment                     acknowledgement
 airplane                                     aeroplane
 aisle                                           gangway
 alley                                          mews
 aluminum                                aluminium
 analyze                                    analyse
 anemia                                    anaemia
 anesthetic                               anaesthetic
 annex                                      annexe
 apartment                              mansion flat
 apprise/apprize                     apprise
 amortize                                  amortise/amortize
 ardor                                       ardour
 babysitter                              child-minder
 bar                                          pub
 bartender                              landlord
 bathroom                               loo (sl.)
 bathroom                               lavatory
 beat (sl. tired)                       fagged
 biscuit                                    scone
  blacktop                               macadam
 brash                                     cheeky (sl.)
 breakfast sausage                banger (sl.)
  buffet                                    set meal
 buggy (4 wheel carriage)      buggy (2 wheel carriage)
 bum (sl. vagrant)                  tramp
 bum (sl. vagrant)                  bum (sl. backside)
 burglary                                 house-breaking
 cafeteria                                  refrectory
 can (metal container)            tin
 caliber                                    calibre
 call up (telephone)               ring up
  center                                   centre
 cinder road                           metalled roadway
 check                                    cheque
 checkers (game)                draughts
 clerk (KLERK)                   clerk (KLAHRK)
 closet (clothes closet)       closet (toilet)
 closet (clothes closet)      cupboard (clothes closet)
 color                                    colour              
 corn                                     Indian corn
 connection                      connexion
 confused                         fogged (sl.)
 cookie                              biscuit
 cop (police officer)          bobby
 county court                    assize
 coveralls                           boiler suit
 crap (sl. worthless)         rot (sl.)
 crooked (illegal)               bent (sl.)
 curb                                   kerb
 dead on (sl.)                 bang on
 defense                       defence
 deflection                    deflexion (but not in engineering)
 derby (hat)                  bowler
 detour                         diversion
 dialyze                        dialyse
 diarrhea                     diarrhoea
 diner                           chop house
 disbarred                    struck off
 disgusting                   off-putting
 dishrag                        dish mop
 discount store            cut-price shop
 dock                            quay
 draft beer                   draught beer
 dresser                       wardrobe
 dude                          tosh (sl.)
 ecology                      oecology (old sp.)
 edema                        oedema
 efficiency apartment     bed-sit
 electrolyze                    electrolyse
 elevator                         lift
 engineer (railroad)      engine driver
 enrollment                    enrolment
 eolian                           aeolian
 esophagus                    oesophagus
 estrogen                      oestrogen
 etiology                       aetiology
 favor                           favour
 favorite                        favourite
 fender (of a car)           wing
 fervor                            fervour
 festive gathering       jollities (sl.)
 fetus                            foetus
 fiber                            fibre
 fire department        fire brigade
 fired                        sacked
 first floor                  ground floor
 flashlight                   torch
 flavor                       flavour
 fooling around          messing about or mucking about (sl.)
 for rent                     to let
 freeway                    motorway
 freight train                goods train
 French                       Frog (sl.)
 french fries                 chips
 fuel oil                        petrol
 gasoline (or gas)         petrol
 gas                             cooking gas
 garbage can               dustbin
 garbage dump            rubbish tip
 genuflection                genuflexion
 glasses                       spectacles (sl. specs)
 gray (color)                grey (colour)
 grounded (electrical)  earthed
 got                            have gotten
 hand drill                    brace and bit
 hang around (sl. loiter)  hang about (sl.)
 hang up (telephone)      ring off
 hardware store            ironmongers
 harbor                         harbour
 hemoglobin                  haemoglobin
 hearing aid                   deaf aid
 hiccup                          hiccough
 honor                           honour
 hood                            bonnet
 horn (of a car)              hooter
 hubcap                        wheel cover
 humor                          humour
 inflection                      inflexion
 installment plan             hire-purchase
 intermission                 interval
 jail                              gaol
 janitor                         porter
 jewelry                      jewellery
 judgment                    judgement
 kind of                       rather
 labor                         labour
 lawyer                       barrister
 lawyer                       soliciter
 legal holiday               bank holiday
 leveling                     levelling
 license                      licence (n.; v.= license)
 line                           que
 lining up                    queueing
 lodgment                   lodgement
 long distance (telephone)    trunk call
 looney                       dottie (sl.)
 loot                         boodle, swag (sl.)
 luggage                      baggage
 luster                        lustre
 mail                          post
 mail                           letter
 mailbox                      postbox or pillar box
 mailman                     postman
 maneuver                   manoeuvre
 marvelous                  marvellous
 men`s room                gents (sl.)
 messy                        shabby
 meter (unit)                 metre
 meter (as in voltmeter)      meter
 mist                             damp
 mold                            mould
 molder                         moulder
 molt                             moult
 mom (mother)               mum
 movie                           film
 movie theater                cinema
 municipal judge              magistrate
 neighbor                       neighbour
 newsstand                    kiosk
 notary public                commisioner of oaths
 offense                         offence
 orchestra seat               stall
 organize                        organise
 overdraw (an account)  overdraft
 overpass (highway)       flyover
 pants                            trousers
 paralyze                        paralyse
 parking lot                    motor park
 penny (cent)                 pence
 picked up (arrested)     nicked (sl.)
 pharmiscist                   chemist
 phone booth                 call box
 phony                           phoney
 photo flash                    flashlight
  plain                            moor
 plow                            plough
 practice                      practise (v.; n.= practice)
 pretense                      pretence
 program                      programme
 pulled up                    drew up
 radio                         wireless
 railroad car                 railroad carriage
 rain cape                    ulster
 raincoat                     mackintosh (or mac sl.)
 research scientist        boffin (sl.)
 red hair                      ginger hair (sl.)
 restroom                    lavatory
 rigor                           rigour
 root beer                    ginger beer
 rubber boots               gum boots
 rubbers                        galoshes
 rumble seat                       dickey seat (sl.)
 savor                                savour
 sawed                              sawn
 scallion                             spring onion
 schedule (SKED-JEWL)  scedule (SHED-DUAL)
 Scotch tape                     celotape
 scratch pad                     scribbling block
 second floor                    first floor
 sepulcher                         sepulchre
 set the table                     lay the table
 sewers                            drains
 sidewalk                          path or footpath
 shoes                               boots
 shoeshine boy                   bootblack
 shorts (underwear)           pants
 shower                             shower bath
 smelled                            smelt
 smolder                           smoulder
 somber                            sombre
 space heater                    electric fire
 specter                           spectre
 speedboat                      engine boat
 stand (law court)            dock
 station wagon                 estate car
 store                              shop
 story (as in: three story)  storey
 streaked with...              shot through with...
 streetcar                        tram
 subway                         underground
 subway station              tube station
 suspenders                    braces
 swamp                          bog or mire
 swimming pool              swimming bath
 switch (railroad)            points
 tailored shirt maker       bespoke shirtmaker
 takeout (food)              takeaways
 taxes                            rates
 taxpayers                     ratepayers
 taxi                              cab
 theater                         theatre
 thumbtacks                  drawing pins
 time= HH:MM            time=HH.MM
 trailer                          caravan
 trench coat                 duffle coat       
 truck (motor truck)     lorry
 truck (railroad car wheels)  bogie
 trunk (of a car)           boot
 tire                             tyre
 toilet                          water closet (W.C.)
 traffic cirle                  roundabout
 tumor                        tumour
 TV (sl.)                     telly (sl.)
 undershirt                  vest
 vacation                    holiday
 vacuum tube             valve
 valet (military)           batman
 vapor                        vapour
 vaudeville                  music hall
 vest                          waistcoat
 vise (tool, clamp)      vice
 wagon                      waggon
 watch out for the...    mind the...
 whiz                         whizz
 will                           shall/will
 will not                     shan`t
 windsheild                windscreen
 workman                  tradesman
 wrench                     spanner
 z (zee)                      z (zed)

 KEY:     sl. = slang
         n.  = noun
         v.  = verb
    (XXXX)   = Pronounciation difference

22 June 2014

NDA and Naval Academy Exam-2015

National Defense Academy and Naval Academy Exam-2015


Shahjahan Road, Choplur House, New Delhi - 110069

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) invites application the NDA-II and Naval Academy (NA) Examination (II) , 2015 for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wing of the NDA for 135th Course and Naval Academy for 97th course commencing from July 2015. 

Only Unmarried male candidates are eligible to apply.

Posts : 375

  • Age : Born between 2nd July, 1997 and 1st January 2000.
  • Educational Qualification
    • For Army : 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by a State Education Board or a University.
    • For Air Force, Navy and Naval Academy : 12th Class pass of the 10+2 pattern of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by a State Education Board or a University with Physics and Mathematics subjects
Fee: Rs.50/- 

Apply Online at  

For more information visit: UPSC

21 June 2014

English Lecturer Job at Singapore

Nanyang Technological University

Lecturer (Language and Communication Centre)

Nanyang Technological University

The Language and Communication Centre offers courses in communication skills to students across the university, particularly in the disciplines of engineering, the humanities, science, and social sciences. The Centre is especially interested in employing teaching staff with backgrounds in engineering, science, web-based learning programmes, or the teaching of English research writing to postgraduate students across a range of disciplines.
Candidates who have the following qualifications are encouraged to apply:
  • Ph.D. Degree in English linguistics, Applied Linguistics or Technical Communication
  • Experience in course design for discipline-specific English
  • Interest in new media and digital literacy
  • An active research agenda
Successful candidates will be expected to teach communication skills, English for academic purposes, and/or technical communication and to conduct research on related areas of inquiry. This position will be in an academic centre which is rapidly developing a strong research trajectory, and which will welcome candidates with a strong interest in research in such fields as English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes, multimodal education, and web-based learning. This position may suit newly-qualified PhDs with an interest in for interdisciplinary English teaching who are looking for an appointment in a research-oriented university language centre which is now establishing itself as a leading centre for teaching and research in the Asian region. However, experienced teachers with relevant qualifications are also encouraged to apply.
Emoluments and General Terms and Conditions of Service
The salary will be very competitive and will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The University offers a comprehensive fringe benefit package. Information on emoluments and general terms and conditions of service is available in the section on Terms and Conditions( of Service for Academic Appointments.
Application Procedure
To apply, please refer to the Guidelines for Submitting an Application for Faculty Appointment ( and send your application together with your CV to:
Head, Language and Communication Centre
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University
14 Nanyang Drive #02-19
Singapore 637332
Enquiries about the position may be addressed to:
Head, Language and Communication Centre
Professor Kingsley Bolton
Last date of applications: 24 June 2014. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

English Teacher Jobs @ Saudi Arabia

Assistant Professor/Lecturer/Instructor in English Language

Jubail University College (JUC)

Fluent Instructors required in Jubail University College Saudi Arabia
Jubail University College, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, wishes to invite suitably qualified and experienced male and female candidates to apply for multiple positions of English Language Assistant Professor, Lecturer and Instructor starting in the coming spring/fall semester.
1. At least 2 years of full time, formal English teaching experience at upper secondary or tertiary level (for instructors) and university level (for Lecturer and Assistant Professor).
2. Qualifications & Requirements (instructors):
  • A BA degree in English or Linguistics or TESOL, OR
  • A bachelor degree in any discipline from an Anglophonic university PLUS a CELTA/Trinity TESOL certificate.
  • Be a fluent English speaker.
3. Qualifications & Requirements (Assistant Professor and Lecturer; only for the female branch):
  • PhD/MA in English Literature/Linguistics/TESOL/Translation (English-Arabic).
  • Overseas ESL teaching experience, especially in the Middle East.
  • DELTA/Trinity/TESOL/TEFL LTCL Diploma.
  • At least two years teaching experience, preferably in Gulf countries.
  • Married teaching couples are especially welcome.
4. Professional experience in curriculum development.
5. Applicants with administrative and leadership experience in an academic setting would be preferred.
Preference would be given to PhD holders, only applicant with relevant teaching experience will be considered.
JUC is located in coastal Jubail Industrial City, the heart of the prosperous Eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. English is the medium of instruction at the university.
The offer of employment for the teaching staff JUC includes the following:-
Basic salary
The JUC applicant will have an ATTRACTIVE tax-free salary (up to US$ 4,000). 
Free single or Family status furnished housing. 
60 days paid annual vacation, in addition there are 2 short period vacations at Eid-Al-Fitr, at Ed Al-Adh`ha.
Working Hours
Working hours at JUC are 40 hours from Sunday to Thursday.
Air TicketsAnnual round-trip air tickets will be provided once a year for the employee, his wife, and up to two children.
Health Care
The employee and members of his family will be provided with free health care at the Royal Commission health care facilities.
Education of ChildrenTwo of the employee`s children, under the age of 18, will be provided free education in the schools specified by the Royal Commission.
Settling-in (Start-of Service) GratuityUpon appointment the employee will be paid the following allowances:
  1. A Family status employee shall receive the following: half month's salary upon successful completion of the three month probationary period, and the other half upon the arrival of his dependents. The allowance would cover the work visa extraction cost.
  2. A Family status employee shall be paid SR 1000, as follows: SR 450 upon successful completion of the three month probationary period. SR 550 when authorized dependents arrive on site.
Service Increment
When renewing the contract the faculty may get an annual increase in the monthly base salary based on his performance in the previous year of service.
End-of-Service Gratuity
The employee will be paid an amount equal to half a month`s salary for each first five years of employment; and one month`s salary for each subsequent year.
Please visit the recruitment website Submit your complete application to:


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