20 April 2017

Politically Correct Language

Politically Correct Language

The communist party in the United States of America first used the term politically correct in the 1930s to discipline its members. however, it was not until the 1980s, that this term came to be universally accepted to mean marked by or adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving especially race, gender, sexual affinity or ecology.

What is a politically correct language?

A politically correct language is a language that does not offend the political sensibilities of people regarding matters such as gender, race, sexual affinity, age and ecology. Thus, all terms and phrases that allude to such issues are eliminated.
For example, Chairman is not gender neutral and is replaced by Chairperson.

Examples of Politically Correct Words and Terms

Race and Ethnicity

Old word or term                              Politically correct alternative    
Negro/black/Afro-American             African-American
Asian                                                 Asian-American


Elderly, aged, old                             Older person, senior citizen, older people

Disabilities and illness

Blind                                    Visually challenged
Mute/dumb                            Vocally challenged


Actress                             Actor
Anchorman                      Anchor
Forefathers                       Ancestors
Workman                         Worker
Housewife                         Homemaker

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